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free 45 minutes live masterclass

power up your life

Learn how to Master the Power of your Breath to Find Inner Clarity & Calm

Unlock your body's wisdom and discover what becomes possible when you take control of your nervous system, mind and body

Relevant subject, skilled and inspiring teacher.

Danish Engineers Union,
Workshop participant, 2021

No upcoming events at the moment

In this masterclass you'll learn

experience severe daily stress

You will walk away with a new perspective on your health and well-being
You'll get simple and effective tools and get to understand how and why they work

May 5, 9 & 21
45 minutes zoom session
16.30 - 17.15 (EST)
+ q&A session

Join us for this FREE 45 minutes Masterclass and learn

74% felt overwhelmed
during the last year

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The missing link between mind & body that will give you back control of your emotions and thoughts

2 simple exercises that you can use at any time to immediately change the state of your nervous system

Understand how and why breathing exercises work - and why they've been used for 3000 years all around the word.

Online poll with 4000+ participants by Mental Health Foundation 

Are you ready to move into the driver's seat and no longer just be dragged along on the rollercoaster ride of life?

Join our free webinar on

JUNE 16 & 23 2022
45 minutes online
16.30 - 17.15 (EST)
+ q&A session

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I have struggled with anxiety for many years. Breathe to Flow has helped me to turn off the anxiety activation in the body. 

Fredrik M., Denmark
1:1 Coaching, 2021

They are clearly experts in this field and passionate about sharing their knowledge for others to benefit from. 

Audrey Zander
leadership coach
Workshop Participant, 2021

Relevant subject, skilled and inspiring teacher,

Danish Engineers Union, Workshop participant, 2021

meet your facilitator


Kasper Karup

Your experienced facilitator will be leading the Masterclass and leave you with tools for life.

Kasper Karup is a burn-out survivor turned passionate yoga-teacher and breath-coach with 10 years of experience. He's an experienced teacher and speaker known to share with great passion and deep knowledge.

Hi, I'm Kasper and I'm here to share a great passion of mine: how we can all get unstuck from our daily autopilot that's running us into stress, anxiety and burnout. It turns out that we actually have the controls right with us. In our breath. Most of us don't do it well anymore - we've unlearned optimal breathing. I'd like to show you how to get it back. 

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No upcoming events at the moment
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