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The Weekly

15 minutes
twice per week

Create those precious pauses to breathe and balance

“It was spot on… you made a really strong impression"

René Balle, CCO/CTO at KK Wind Solutions

Skilled speaker - passionate.

Cool topic!

Engineers Union Webinar

Kasper is very well founded in theory and practice. The exercises are simple, very useful and effective.

Software engineer

They are clearly experts in this field and passionate about sharing their knowledge for others to benefit from. 

Audrey Zander
Leadership Coach

Modern Office
Large company
5 weeks program
501 - 5.000 participants

Our largest program has 4500 invited participants and with effective online tools we aim to make a difference.

Base fee €1500

€12 per participant

Too busy to eat lunch?

In most companies employees are often too busy to take the pauses that are crucial to function well, to digest input and impressions and to balance our nervous system and mind. Sometimes we're even too busy to eat lunch in peace or to have breaks between meetings. This will slowly erode energy levels and concentration and will lead to burn-out in the long run.

Too busy calendar.png

Does this look familiar? 

Just 15 minutes twice per week will give major long-term benefits

Balance Breathing twice per week can have profound results and give employees a chance to step into a space of peace and calm and to recharge their energy. 

In stead of pushing our nervous system and body with endless streams of coffee and sugar, we need to start looking at how to find balance from the inside. 


We all constantly manipulate our nervous system.

Ice-Water-Fire logo white test.png

The Breathe to Flow System

The Weekly Breathing pauses are based on the scientific system of Breathe to Flow and the Water Category of balance exercises. 

WATER Breathing

A powerful way to quickly balance your nervous sytem. It will bring you down when you're too wound up and bring you up if your energy is down. 

Ice-Water-Fire logo test1.png

Just 10 minutes of practice will put the body and mind into an ideal state of focus and relaxation. 

In water breathing the breath is slowed down to half of normal breath-rate, which will give our system a much needed break and a chance to synchronise.



  • Simple and quick exersies

  • Science based

  • Accessible for everybody

  • Gives an ideal break and relaxation

  • Optimises focus for work

  • Improves energy level

  • Lowers stress levels


  • Micro Balance Pause (MP3 audio)

  • Micro Relax Pause (MP3 audio)


Micro Balance Pause


Micro Relax Pause

Let’s setup a 10 minutes call if your think there's a need for breathing pauses

Decades of scientific studies shows how breathing exercises is the fastest and most reliable way to balance your mind and body.

Just try it out. It's only 2 minutes.

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