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Breathe Better.
Live More.

René Balle, CTO & CCO at KK Wind Solutions

“It was spot on… you made a really strong impression.

And it was a great inspiration for our strategy day.” April, 2021


a simple, proven system based on science 

WE HAVE A SIMPLE SYSTEM and we want to share it with you and your company. Anyone can learn techniques that are far simpler and with a more direct and immediate effect than mindfulness. The effects are measurable directly in our body, in the composition of our oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, heart rate and the oxygenation of our brain and cells. 

These techniques are safe and natural ways to quickly affect your autonomic nervous system and set yourself up for the mental focus, presence and balanced energy needed to work in flow state.



Energizing breathing technique that gets you sharp and focused right away without any caffeine.


A powerful way to quickly balance your nervous sytem. It will bring you down when you're too wound up and bring you up if your energy is down. 


For high-stress situations or just before sleep with a set of techniques used by both Elite Soldiers and buddhist monks.

5 weeks Breathing program

Cutting-edge breathing program with guaranteed results.


We start with an introduction to healthy breathing, the benefits and techniques + specialized tools and give 1 live session per week + daily homework sent directly to each participant

Clear KPIs and reporting

We co-create the implementation with you and set clear goals and KPIs.

Tools for the workplace

Our program and tools are tailored to the work place and for professionals in busy and fast-paced organisations.

We understand the needs and know how to create change and lasting results.

Try this simple 2 minutes taster exercise that you can do sitting in your chair. 

our products


We offer simple, straight-forward products with an immediate and strong effect. There's no magic, just simple science and solid principles of foundational health. Participants will feel how they have more calm, energy and focus and we aim to create lasting results that will remain long after we leave. 

30 min

group flow

Start your strategy-seminar or full-day meeting with this to-the-point group-flow inducing session.  


Your team will be introduced to the power of breathing and guided through 2 simple yet effective guided exercises.

“It was spot on… you made a really strong impression. And it was a great inspiration for our strategy day.”

- René Balle, CTO KK Wind Solutions


60 min booster session: Breathe to flow

Boost awareness of mind-body health in this 60 minutes inspiration seminar that will introduce the scientific facts about breathing that few people ever heard of and reveal why they're important for you to reach your full potential.


Take-aways: A new daily awareness of your breathing and 2 simple and practical tools to help balance mind and body. 

For who: Companies, groups and teams that want to have new understanding of how to be healthy, focused and resilient.

5 weeks breathing program

Want to be on the cutting edge of organisational wellbeing?

For organisations we offer our main program that will surprise with its effectiveness in creating new healthy habits based on a strong scientific background. 


Intro and re-cap seminar

2 Weekly live sessions
Daily exercises 


Online with digital tools and for a group from 20 to 5000 participants. 

co-created custom program

Bring your wellbeing offerings to the next level with fully customized custom that integrated seamlessly.
We are experts in design thinking and how to create just the right program for your organisation.

This will be the best solution to reach larger groups or your entire organisation with 200+ employees and for two time zones.



Francesco Fantoni
project controller 


Diego and Kasper were able to enlighten me with some of the essential principles of conscious breathing. 
Thanks for a well-facilitated and insightful webinar! 




"Kasper is very well founded in theory and practice. The exercises are simple, very useful and effective."


Audrey Zander
leadership coach


They are clearly experts in this field and passionate about sharing their knowledge for others to benefit from. They mixed science and guided breathing exercises, resulting in great actionable take-aways.


Who we are


Kasper Karup

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Certified Breath Coach
Yoga Teacher

Strategic Designer


Diego Fiche

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Certified Life & Business Coach

Program Manager / Learning Designer

Acroyoga Teacher 

our experts team


Positive Psychology
& Community Building

Katharina Blom

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Positive Psychologist

Organizational Consultant

TED speaker


Jeppe Skovgaard.jpg

Motivational speaker &

Community expert

Jeppe Skovgaard

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Community Builder

Organizational Consultant

Keynote speaker

Yoga Teacher


Leadership &
Executive Coaching

Camilla Rüden

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Executive Coach
University Lecturer
Book author

program example

Our programs are designed to fit with the current wellbeing initiatives in your organisation. We decide together on the target group, the message and which tools to implement.


Here is a generic example of our basic program - remember that we do custom programs tailored to your organisation:

Breathe to Flow Basic Program.png

we build on success

Harvard Business Review has written an excellent article summarising how to create wellbeing programs that actually work. Here are some essential quotes:

Spreading the word. Strategic communication leads to greater engagement in employee wellness programs. This boils down to getting clear messages out to workers: this is what the program entails, here is how it works, here’s what’s in it for you, and here are ways to get involved. 

Boosting engagement in wellness can only be achieved when workers own the program, understand how they and the company benefit, and are given a meaningful voice in its ongoing operation.

Measuring the right things. Program evaluation is critical to maintaining accountability for a wellness program. To do this well, develop an evaluation plan at the start of a program so that useful baseline data collection can occur and be monitored over time.

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