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1:1 Breath-Coaching

4 weeks
personalised to you
1 weekly live session
Daily home exercises

Learn how to Balance Your Mind & Body and to Flush out Stress 

Get effective tools for life and a new awareness to find Balance, Focus and Energy!

  • Are you feeling the effects of a long period of sustained stress?

  • Do you feel that your nervous system is out of balance?

  • Is it hard to find a relaxed state? 

This program takes you by the hand to help you integrate real and effective tools, customised to your needs. ​The popularity of breath-work for anxiety, stress-related burnout, PTSD, migraine and more is growing like never before. The methods are simple, straight-forward and can be done by everyone. They have an immediate effect, but also long-term benefits with new habits and tools for life.


Let's have a short chat and see if this is for you with a Discovery Call



Breathe to Flow has helped me to turn off the anxiety activation in my body. The effect of the exercises is quite immediate, but after a few weeks of regular exercise I could feel that my anxiety level was generally reduced.

- Fredrik M., December 2021

  • Tailored to your needs (discovery session)

  • One live session per week (Zoom)

  • Daily guided exercises (audio-files)

  • Supplementary to other ​interventions

  • Lifelong habit-building for lasting outcome

  • Science-based with measurable effect

  • English or Danish language

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We all constantly manipulate our nervous system.

Learn to balance your nervous system in a healthy way
1:1 programs will not only teach effective breathing methods, but also introduce the fascinating - and often unknown - world of breathing. Every day we manipulate our nervous system and live constantly on edge. With devastating effect on our lives and health. Learn how something as simple as changing your breath will change your life. 

Kasper's program helped me apply the tools breathwork has to offer and build an increased sense of awareness and focus on the body-mind connection. Now, it feels like my breath is my secret weapon.

- Lili Kovari, Copenhagen, June 2022

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Modern Office
Large company
5 weeks program
501 - 5.000 participants

Our largest program has 4500 invited participants and with effective online tools we aim to make a difference.

Base fee €1500

€12 per participant

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The Breathe to Flow System

This personalised program - as with all of our services - is based on the Breathe to Flow system and we will start with an in-depth 'Understand' session to tailor the program exactly to your needs.

Simple exercises - Profound effect

  • Control stress

  • Less anxiety

  • Better Sleep

  • Mental focus

  • Better digestion

  • More energy


For high-stress situations or just before sleep with a set of techniques used by both Elite Soldiers and buddhist monks.

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A powerful way to quickly balance your nervous sytem. It will bring you down when you're too wound up and bring you up if your energy is down. 

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Energizing breathing technique that gets you sharp and focused right away without any caffeine.

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  • Micro Balance Pause (MP3 audio)

  • Micro Relax Pause (MP3 audio)

  • Breathe to Flow Fundamentals (video + PDF)

  • Recordings of all sessions (for future reference)


Micro Balance Pause


Micro Relax Pause

3000 years of practice and now decades of scientific studies shows how breathing exercises is the fastest and most reliable way to balance your mind and body.

Book a free Discovery Session to see if it's for you



Investment 1:1 Breath-Coaching
For a period in 2023, we're running a half-price offer while the program is being beta-tested. Regular price is €598. 

Special offer price: €299  (4 weeks)

Set up a Discovery Call to find the best solution to solve your needs! We're here for you!

Money Back Guarantee

Our 1:1 program is backed up by a 100% money back guarantee if you're not satisfied at the end of the program. There is nothing to lose, but possibly a lot to gain.

Breath Coaching is not intended to diagnose, cure, or treat any disease or illness. If you have an existing medical condition or injury, make sure your doctor approves of breath-work as a self-care practice. Your health is your responsibility, please take care and err on the side of caution.

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